Who is behind

Ms. Priyanka B. S

Managing Director of TuitionPlus

Ms. Priyanka B. S. holds a Master’s Degree in Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology. She also holds a Post Graduate Certification in General Management. Priyanka is an Educator and has been associated with prominent universities and colleges in various administrative capacities.

Reuben J Pettiford

Academic Head of TuitionPlus

Currently serving as the President & Chief Executive Officer of Valley Health Care System, Pettiford has over 30 years of health care administration experience. He has served as CEO to several federally qualified health centers in Michigan, Illinois and South Carolina over the past 25 years.

Dr Krishna Murthy V S

Director of TuitionPlus

Dr Krishna Murthy V S is Founder and Principal of Akshara international school. He was confirmed for Best Teacher award in 1992 by the President of India and ECI New Delhi awarded in 2015 for his excellence work as Principal of an institution.

What Parents say

My daughter feels more confident and started to enjoy Maths like never before

Shubha R Karthik

Pooja's Mother

I feel more confident very happy to see my daughter going to tution with joy every day


Pragathi's Father

Thank you tuition+ our son is happy with his tuitions

Manju Shruthi

Karthik's Mother

Tuition plus is doing a great Job and am very happy with my kids progress

Anuradha M

Dushyanth's Mother

i should thank my colleague for introducing my kids to tuition plus. As a working women i was not able to give more time to my kids on academics.

Veena Sudindhira

Bharath's Mother